Monday, November 9, 2015

Wants and Needs

In light of our future hopes and dreams ... have you wondered why you want something? Our desires, which can best be described as cravings and longings, arise out of past experiences. Since you have never experienced "the future" (unless you are Marty McFly), every moment preceding the current moment (present) has created remnants of memories, accumulations of responses, physiological patterns and a microbial footprint. This massive accumulation impacts your present state and desires for future experiences. For example, after meeting someone - you find yourself thinking about them, wanting and hoping to interact with them again. It's typical, short of obsessing, that imagine how the encounter might start - progress - and conclude. The cognitive rehearsal in the present moment directs you to pursuing a future reality.

Behavior patterns, emotional response patterns, habits are all the accumulation of thinking, feeling and doing something repeatedly with little consideration. It takes energy to be mindful of the reality that you are being reactive rather than elective. By elective, I mean that you deliberately consider the reason for your state and the potential outcome - produced results. Results are consequences from your actions. When you pause to examine your state - evaluate your desires - and respond consistently, you change and become increasingly powerful.

Too few people practice Cogental© Communication, because it takes time and energy. Not only does it take work, it exposes them to an unexpected outcome. Creating new patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving is pioneering work. My advice is that you find a Life Coach who has had experience in facing similar challenges and can help you navigate your way to success.