Sunday, September 6, 2015


The use of the words emotions only begins to reflect the complexities of your present reality, which would be more accurately described as physiology. Specifically, based upon the environmental (internal/external) landscape, how is my body reacting, recording, encoding and emoting. Humans are amazing animals and their ability to store thousands of bits of information without consciously processing them all in order to create an image or memory is beyond what most of us can even comprehend. A movie is nothing more than intentionally recorded frames of images, paired with related sound bits and displayed in rapid succession. Typically, a movie is shown at a rate of 60 frames per second. Imagine that your memory is recording 1000 frames per second. All of that data is being recorded, stored, and interpreted in order to help you satisfy your wants and needs. Isn't that amazing?

Cogental© communication considers the state of your emotions/physiology in the present moment - as well as the state of emotions/physiology of those you are interacting with in the pursuit of satisfying wants and needs. Consider that all behavior is intended to bring about a desirable future. Yet, most communication relates to the past. Rather than attempt to understand a person's wants/needs and how that behavior effectively leads to the desired outcome, we obsess over past behavior. This obsession makes it nearly impossible to achieve our goals. We are always given the present to control. We do this by being focused and mindful of our emotions/physiology.

In every relationship, at any given moment of time, you have certain thoughts, sensations and emotions. The key to relationship success is always being aware of how these impact your attitude and behavior. The key is always being intentional in what you think and deliberate in what you do.